15 septembre 2007


Die Linke : le vent d'Est

Un article de Marc Dormoy paru sur le blog de l'association Unir - le courant minoritaire qui représente environ un quart des militants de la Ligue communiste révolutionnaire.

Germans protest against intervention in Afghan war
Manifestation contre l'intervention allemande en Afghanistan, organisée entre autres par des membres de Die Linke (la Gauche)
by Christine Bucholz, executive member of Die Linke and one of the protest’s organisers

Some 10,000 people marched in Berlin last Saturday against Germany’s role in the Afghanistan war.
Members of the new left party – Die Linke – were centrally involved in mobilising for the demonstration – the biggest anti-Afghan war protest so far.
The German ruling class is very eager to maintain the troops in Afghanistan and so remain a reliable partner to the US and Nato. Germany has been part of military operations from the beginning. In March the government sent Tornado jets to help Nato forces in Afghanistan.
Polls have consistently found two thirds of the population against the war.
On the day of the demonstration, the German Green party held a special conference on Afghanistan.
The party leadership proposed a motion which opposed the US’s Operation Enduring Freedom but supported the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force – that are part of the occupation army – and didn’t take a position on the Tornado jets. Delegates overturned the leadership and resolved that MPs should oppose all three missions.

Paru dans Socialist Worker (G-B), 22/09/07.

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