11 mai 2007


L'héritage désastreux de Blair, par George Galloway

(En anglais) George Galloway, député de Tower Hamlets (Londres) et membre dirigeant de la coalition RESPECT, appelle à l'unité de tous ceux qui veulent enterrer Blair et ses héritiers politiques à la tête du parti travailliste.

"My appeal to all those who want to see the back of Blairism is to come together to take the initiative over the coming months.
We should discuss exactly how to do that, confident that the right – from New Labour through the Tories to the filth to their right – can be beaten if the left offers hope and a fighting movement for change.
I hope that many more are convinced to join us directly in building on the successes of Respect so far.
But we want to work constructively – in the anti-war movement, in the unions, in a fight for progressive ideas – with those who are not yet convinced."

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