06 juin 2006


"The Wind That Shakes the Barley"


Ken Loach's new award-winning film gets a long review in this week's Socialist Worker.
Voir aussi le message du 28 mai 2006.

NEW : Peter Bradshaw's review in The Guardian, 23 June 2006 :

"The Irish state emerges from this film as a collaborationist entity, which imbibed its habits of governing from its former rulers, who were able to sub- contract the prerogative of cruelty to a deeply uncertain new dispensation. Certainly, it is difficult to watch the torture scenes without thinking at least fleetingly of Guantànamo and Abu Ghraib, and it may be that Loach and Laverty are suggesting that the Treatyite spirit persists in the modern world - that a client state, at once enfeebled and bellicose, can be prevailed upon to carry out violent acts in the shadow of a greater power. The film's final cadences are ones of misery and bitterness and rage, and all this, coupled with what is sometimes a slightly inert dramatic language, do not make for an easy watch. But it is a finely made, finely acted piece of work. For this, and for his remarkable and uncompromising career, Loach deserves his golden palm."

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