18 juin 2009


Stop attacks on the Muslim community

Muslims in Britain are facing attacks on many fronts.

These include:

The high-profile arrests under terror legislation of Muslims who are subsequently released without charge, creating a climate of fear and harassment;

An increase in violent attacks on Muslims in the streets and on Muslim places of worship;

The targetting of Muslims by the far-right British National Party;

Aggressive policing of Muslims on demonstrations, apparently designed to deter them from participating in peaceful protests;

The racist misrepresentation of Muslim views and practices in the mass media;

The political harassment of Muslim leaders by government ministers.

These and other developments threaten to create a climate of hostility towards Muslims in Britain in contradiction to traditional tolerance and damaging to community cohesion.

We believe that all people should come together in support of Muslims in Britain, and not leave them to confront these challenges alone.

We call for a broad-based campaign to confront the growth of racist attitudes towards Muslims and rising governmental and state harassment of Muslim citizens.


Daud Abdullah Muslim Council of Britain, Annas Al-Tikriti British Muslim Initiative, Amir Amirani filmmaker, Lord Ahmed, Mohammed Ali Islam Channel, Moazzam Begg ex-Guantanamo prisoner, Tony Benn, Lauren Booth journalist, Louise Christian human rights lawyer, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Professor Terry Eagleton, David Edgar playwright, George Galloway MP, Lindsey German Convenor StWC, Father Alan Green Chair of Tower Hamlets Inter-Faith Forum, Shamiul Joarder Friends of Al-Aqsa, A.L.Kennedy writer, Bruce Kent, Ken Loach filmaker, Lowkey rapper, Alice Mahon, Drew McConnell Babyshambles, John McClure Reverend and the Makers, Councillor Abjol Miah, Seumas Milne journalist, Andrew Murray Chair StWC, Peter Oborne journalist, Gareth Pierce human rights lawyer, Murad Qureshi AM GLA, Mohammed Sawalha BMI, Mark Serwotka General Secretary PCS, Phil Shinerhuman rights lawyer, Clare Short MP, Jonathan Steele journalist, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Walter Wolfgang, Councillor Salma Yaqoob

En France, nouvelle édition du DVD Un racisme à peine voilé (disponible en septembre 2009)

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