26 avril 2007


A (somewhat one-sided) comment by Alex Callinicos on the French presidential election

In French election heralds more battles to come (Socialist Worker, posted 24 April 2007), Alex Callinicos correctly congratulates the LCR on an excellent campaign. He also declares that "A heavy responsibility rests on the LCR to overcome the political fragmentation to the left of the Socialist Party and to create a powerful and united radical left."
Coded language perhaps to remind the leadership of the Ligue that its record so far on building a new anticapitalist force, or even making its own organisation more 'habitable' to newly-radicalised militants (to paraphrase the late Tony Cliff) has been, let's say ... abysmal.
"But that is a task for the future" (i.e. after the 2nd round of the election on 6 May) he adds. I'd say that lets Krivine and company off pretty lightly.
Callinicos' off-hand remarks about the "so-called" unitary campaign of José Bové on behalf of the "rump" of the antiberal committees are also less than balanced.
I'm writing my own, probably equally unbalanced, verdict on the election which readers of the Red Leek will soon have the privilege of seeing. Watch this space.

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