05 décembre 2006


Election victory shows Venezuelan masses’ radical mood

by Mike Gonzalez (Socialist Worker 2030, 9 December 2006).

/.../ Last year, Chavez announced that the revolution must be socialist, but the interpretation of what he meant by that remains a source of much debate.
What is clear is that the enemies of the revolution are not only to be found on the right – among those who are prepared to sabotage the process by any means possible. There are also dangers in the Chavez camp.
It was very significant that Chavez chose his victory speech to announce the beginning of a “great struggle against counter-revolutionary bureaucracy and corruption”.
For while Venezuela under Chavez has seen huge advances in many areas, over 60 percent of Venezuelans still live in poverty, many workers live and work in wretched conditions, and much of Venezuela’s land and wealth remains clutched in the fists of the old elite.
There are many reasons why this is so – but a major cause lies within Chavez’s own government, many of whose departments and ministries are run by people who leapt very late on the Chavez bandwagon in order to enrich themselves. They have no interest in a revolution of any kind. /.../

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