04 août 2006


Nouvelles d'Orient

Nouvelles d'Orient, le blog d'Alain Gresh du Monde Diplomatique.

Hassan Nasrallah

The BBC's correspondent gives an honest assessment of the Hezbollah, who "have yet to commit their professional troops". He predicts tough times ahead for the Israelis if their forces occupy southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah defiant amid the rubble, by Kim Ghattas, BBC News, Beirut (4 August 2006)

"Although Israel has fought Hezbollah in the past, it still seems surprised by the group's continuing ability to fire large numbers of rockets at northern Israel.

It also seems taken aback at how much support Hezbollah retains within its own community, and increasingly across Lebanon as a whole. ..."

Dans cet article publié dans La Lbre Belgique (25 juillet 2006), Nico Hirtt explique pourquoi C'est le sionisme qui mène à la guerre.

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